Like many people, we spend a lot of our time at work, so we understand how valuable free time is.  Many of us follow leisure pursuits or have sporting interests and at Eyetech Opticians, we have a range of ‘lifestyle’ spectacles which are made specifically for sports activities. 

These spectacles have been carefully designed to match the criteria of what people demand from their leisure eye care products; for example, our Sunwise range includes frames suitable for running, cycling, skiing, canoeing and sailing, amongst other activities.  Many of these have interchangeable lenses for different lighting conditions, and for water-sports, some frames are even designed to float!   We also offer an affordable prescription sports eye wear service, using the latest lens technology for wrap-around frames.  To provide physical protection, lenses are made from impact resistant polycarbonate material, whilst the sports-specific tints provide the clearest possible vision for when your concentration is most important. 

However, whilst pushing the technological boundaries, we also understand athletes  want to compete with style.  Our frames have therefore been selected for both their looks and their practicality.

We’re also lucky enough to have had our frames and lenses tried and tested by our Street practice Optician.  As a keen sportsman – completing many marathons, cycle sportives, sprint, triathlons and the Tenby Ironman and having played county level squash – he can appreciate many vision-related issues experienced in sporting activities.  All of our Opticians have been fully involved in selecting this range and are all more than willing to discuss them with you to find the  best visual solution to enhance your enjoyment and performance.