What is Eyeplan Reward? 

Simply put, Eyeplan is a fantastic way of looking after your eyes and receiving great value from Eyetech Opticians. In exchange for a small monthly fee.  Eyeplan members receive a number of different benefits.   

The benefits of Eyeplan are based around the Eyeplan core values; care, quality and value:

  • Personalised Eyeplan eye examinations whenever you need them.
  • Significant value on all Spectacle Frames, Lenses and accessories.
  • Accidental Damage Cover for spectacles and sunglasses bought whilst a member of Eyeplan.
  • Discounted family membership.

What is Eyeplan Complete?

The complete way to look after your eyes.  Eye care and eyewear included in one simple monthly payment.

Eyeplan Complete provides you with a comprehensive eye care package from your optician combined with access to the latest in spectacle frames and lens technology.

  • New spectacles or sunglasses of your choice every 12 months.
  • Personalised eye examinations whenever you need them.
  • Protection against damage to your spectacles through the Eyeplan Accidental Damage Scheme.

What is Eyeplan Contacts?

Contacts is an eye care scheme designed to meet contact lens wearers' specific eye care needs, whether a full or part time lens wearer.                                                                                           

In addition members get the peace of mind that they are looking after their eyes and their eyewear as they should be looked after. 

There are Eyeplan schemes that take care of members whatever stage of life they are at or whether they prefer contact lenses, glasses or both.

Ask us about Eyeplan when you visit.